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Maximize Closet Space With A Clever Tip Using A Folding Chair
When your closet has more wall area and less floor space, and you're into eccentric yet inexpensive décor, turn your regular folding chair into a storage shelf to add more space.
All you'll need to do is mount the chairs to the wall using a couple of sturdy hooks, the exact style of which depends on the structure of your folding chair.
If the chair has a slit at the backrest's top, poke one or two J-hooks through it, but if the opening is big enough, use a two-pronged hook that can give the shelf extra stability.
You may need a smaller coat rack wall hook if you have no slit on the backrest and the only supporting structure is the handle at the back of the chair.
Drill the hooks into the wall until tightly secure, and simply hang the chairs on them. You can place shoe boxes or bags on the seats and hang clothes on the rung.