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Maximize Closet Space With TikTok's Brilliant IKEA Pax Hack
If DIY isn't your forte and custom cabinetry is too pricey, the IKEA Pax system can offer you the flexibility to design and personalize your wardrobe with a built-in appearance.
As shown by @wanderingtheglobetravels on TikTok, you can maximize the available spaces in an IKEA Pax by adding components like pull-out trays, inserts, shelves, and mesh cabinets.
She used pull-out trays for shoes, a pull-out tray and insert for jewelry, a pull-out shelf with glass for bags, a pull-out trouser rack, and a mesh cabinet for various supplies.
The TikTok user also opted not to add doors for better accessibility. Meanwhile, another TikToker @theblushingvilla also added a multi-use hanger to hang her bags.
These pull-out shelves give you access to the entire cabinet depth, leaving no space unused. You'll save more space, organize items better, and have easier access to them.