Woman closing door to dryer in laundry room
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Maximize Laundry Room Space With A Genius Extra-Storage Solution
Homeowners sometimes use a room for both laundry and storage. To maximize this space, TikTok user @thebrainandthebrawn came up with a genius one-wall laundry room solution.
This trick transforms a vacant wall in an empty room or repurposes a closet into a simple laundry space. You can even customize the setup to fit your space perfectly.
The TikToker created her laundry room by using deep drawers as the base and stacking sliding drawers to hold baskets. Then, she added the washer, dryer, and open shelving.
The system works because the deep drawers can hold dirty laundry, which frees up space in other rooms and keeps you from needing to lug the baskets from room
to room.
You can also stack multiple floating shelves over the washer and dryer or add a butcher block surface on top of your washer and dryer to use as a folding station.