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Maximize & Organize Closet Space With This Dollar Tree Essential
Storing handbags in a small closet can be challenging. TikToker @fresajazz suggests picking up a 12-pack of clear plastic curtain rings from the Dollar Tree to hang your bags on.
To carry out this hack, loop a plastic ring through your pocketbook's straps. The plastic rings then attach to your clothing rod, opening and closing so you can access your bags.
If you have designer bags with dust covers, you can still use them — simply place them over your bags before attaching them to your plastic curtain rings.
If you have several small clutches, you can hang a few from one ring, keeping them in one place. You could even use this hack to organize your handbags by color, size, or material.
You can also use this hack to organize ties, pantyhose, belts, and more. If your clothing rod is crowded, add Command hooks to your walls and hang the hooks from them instead.