A person tending to trellis plants
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Maximize Your Garden Space With An Affordable DIY Trellis
A trellis helps maximize your garden space, as the plants grow vertically and stay safe against soil diseases and pests. You can make a trellis with a few inexpensive items.
As shown by TikTok garden enthusiast Marv, you only need a strong twine, a wooden or metal post, and eye hooks to create a DIY trellis.
First, stand the metal or wooden posts on a raised garden bed or straight on the ground. If the posts are wooden, drill in the metal eye hooks to hold the twine in place.
Ensure you place hooks along the length of the post, both on the sides and at the top. Slide the twine through them horizontally, using a length of twine for every pair of hooks.
Attach the twine on the top hooks for the vertical lines as well, and run them over and under the rows to create boxes. The weaving should remain tight and uniform for each column.
Tie the twine ropes when you reach the bottom and snip off the excess. If you're planting heavier crops like luffas, use a stronger material, such as a hemp rope, as your twine.