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Maximize Your Laundry Basket Organization With This Pinterest DIY
Old dressers can be difficult to dispose of due to their size and weight, but this Pinterest hack can repurpose them to become functional laundry stations.
This DIY project offers ample space for sorting and folding clothes while being stylish and cost-effective. It also prevents dressers from ending up in landfills.
Begin with a dresser of any size, remove the drawers (or keep some for additional storage), and hollow out the interior using a jig saw or breaking apart the wooden slats.
Create a surface inside the dresser to accommodate laundry hampers — use an existing base or build one for support. Then, simply add your laundry baskets.
Wicker laundry hamper baskets are available in several sizes from retailers like Target and IKEA, so you will have to measure and find the right ones that fit your dresser.