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Mike Holmes Shares The Top Renovation Blunder You Should Always Avoid
Mike Holmes, former star of HGTV's "Holmes on Homes" and current star of "Holmes Family Rescue," is well-versed in all things home renovation. Outside of television, Holmes is just as passionate about homes and believes that builders and contractors should go beyond what's seen as the minimum for building codes.
According to Holmes, the biggest blunder that renovators need to avoid is ignoring safety codes. For example, Holmes notices that many people ignore building codes on handrails in order to make their stairs more aesthetically pleasing, and electrical, mechanical, and plumbing issues are also common.
Holmes believes that these kinds of safety and code issues are due to not finding the right contractor for the job, and suggests homeowners shop around for a contractor rather than hiring the first one they speak to. It's important to check the qualifications of the contractor and be sure they have relationships with reputable individuals in every trade.