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Mistakes Everyone Makes Decorating A Small Backyard
Failing To Plan
You don’t need a professional to help you design your yard, but you do need to think about its layout and what you want it to achieve. If you have pets or don’t want to spend hours tending your yard, consider the safety measures and maintenance it will need.
Forgetting Lighting
To illuminate your space at night, you need to have lighting in your yard, especially around areas where people will gather. Bistro lights on your patio can easily be plugged in, however, for places that don’t have access to outlets, solar lights are a great option.
Vertical Space
Using your vertical space maximizes your garden and gives you some privacy with a wood or stone wall or a lattice fence and pergola. You can decorate your space with string lights or hanging plants, but make sure you choose durable accessories.
Picking Any Plants
You want to consider scale in your backyard when choosing your plants because over time they can outgrow their garden. When selecting plants, do some research to see how big they’ll get, or ask the staff at the nursery or greenhouse for their advice.
Furniture Selection
To really make the most of your space, look for multifunctional furniture that can double as storage space or transform into a chair or table. You can also make your yard seem more spacious by using narrowly designed furniture or glass-topped tables.