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Mistakes Everyone Makes When Buying A Lawn Mower
Size Of Mower
You can unknowingly cause damage to your lawn if you buy the wrong size lawn mower. Consider the size of your lawn and needs, and research what type of mower you need from the four general types – ride-on, walk, power, and drive – and the various options under these types.
Cheap vs. Expensive
While there are cheaper options like reel or push mowers, they cannot chop twigs or be used as a leaf shredder. If you need these capabilities, it’s better to invest in a larger, high-quality lawn mower.
Lawn Size
For the most part, smaller mowers and mower decks are sufficient for smaller lawns. However, for larger lawns with hills and dips, it may be beneficial to look into ride-on mowers, which allow for better visibility and movement around trees and shrubberies.
Different Power Levels
Knowing how much power you will need to mow your lawn can also help you in your research. Different mowers have different power levels, which are determined by factors like the blades, the type of mower, and whether it’s powered by gas or electricity.
Power Source Options
When deciding on which power source you want for your mower, consider your budget and how often you will mow. Push mowers just require your own strength, electric mowers are better for the environment but may not hold charge, and gas mowers are heavier and require more maintenance.