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Mistakes Everyone Makes When Buying A
New Fence
Legal Restrictions
Before building a fence, you will need to check to see if your state requires a permit and also what the local regulations are in regards to property lines and maximum fence height. If you build a fence without doing this, you are at risk of getting fined or sued.
It’s important to make a budget beforehand and consider all the factors that go into building a fence. Factors that will increase costs include large, uneven, or rocky land; expensive styles such as wood; and add-ons like gates and locks.
Neighbor Etiquette
Talk with your neighbor before installing a new fence, especially if they will be sharing a side of it. If you are putting up a wooden fence, make sure that the unfinished side faces your yard, and keep the fence free of mud and stains by cleaning it with water and soap.
Professional Help
If you are not the DIY type, it’s important to do your research about fencing companies to get pricing estimates and suggestions on which options are the best for your property. If you live in a neighborhood that already has fences, ask the homeowners about which companies they used and compare.
Installer’s Reputation
When choosing a fencing installer, make sure to do research and ask questions about the company’s reputation and history. It’s also important to see examples of their work — whether a physical portfolio or on social media — and to find out the average time it takes for them to complete a project.