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Not Measuring
Measure the space you plan to put your washer and dryer in before purchasing new appliances, then decide which layout will work best. Side-by-side layouts usually measure 40" high x 56" wide x 31–34" deep, whereas stacked appliances measure 80" high x 28" wide x 31-34" deep.
Energy Efficiency
Purchasing an energy-efficient washer and dryer will save you money on your electric bills. Scientist Noah Horowitz said, “around 10 percent of a home's total electricity use goes to washing and drying clothes,” so look for appliances with low environmental impact.
Before purchasing an appliance, think about the number of people in your family and consider how much laundry you do per load. The average washer can hold 12 to 16 pounds of laundry per load, and consider buying a dryer with double the capacity to give your clothes enough room to expand and dry.
It might be tempting to pass on the warranty, but shelling out for the warranty will save you money if your machine breaks. Most warranties cover damages, parts, and labor for the first year after purchasing, but some brands cover costs for five years.
Smart Technology
Smart technology machines are packed with fancy features like voice commands or the ability to control your appliance from an app. Smart washers and dryers cost between $800 to $2,000 each and you’ll have to pay larger fees for specialized parts and technicians if a repair is needed.