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Consider the theme of your kitchen and pay attention to other furniture items in your house. Taking a closer look at the type of lighting, accessories, and decor items throughout your home can help you determine what your perfect style is.
French Doors
French doors are a popular pick, but many people focus on aesthetics, rather than functionality. Make sure the excess storage and bottom freezer are features that suit your lifestyle, and be ready to pay extra if you settle on a French door refrigerator.
Freezer locations can come with unique perks, such as bottom freezers which offer more storage, and top freezers which are more energy efficient. Try reaching into each freezer and deciding which placement perk suits you best before buying a fridge.
Never assume a refrigerator will fit into the designated space you’ve created for it. Always measure your kitchen and any potential fridge before buying to ensure you have the right height, width, and depth.
Make sure there’s enough storage inside your fridge for your whole family’s needs. Every adult needs around 4 to 6 cubic feet of space inside a fridge, so choose something with a capacity large enough to sustain everyone in the household.