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Mistakes Everyone Makes When Buying Granite Countertops
Not only do granite countertops look amazing in any kitchen, but they’re also incredibly durable and resist chipping and breakages. Before you jump the gun, you should carefully plan how you’re going to implement granite countertops so you avoid making mistakes.
The first step is to carefully measure every aspect of the planned countertop multiple times because once you place an order for granite countertops, there’s no going back. A key decision when selecting granite is whether to use a honed or a polished slab, so it’s very useful to have a professional contractor tell you which slab suits your kitchen best.
Tops Kitchen Cabinet recommends keeping your focus on the quality of stone rather than its color, because good quality granite plays a role in the longevity, smoothness, and overall beauty of the countertop. The source of the stone also plays a role in the stone’s quality, as China often sources lower-grade stone, while India and Brazil provide high-quality stone.
Granite countertops glow when polished with a shine finish rather than matte, and to ensure they last long, clean the surface regularly. The easiest way to clean your stone is to use mild dish soap and warm water to get rid of dirt and food debris, then dry the countertop using a paper towel.
If you want a strong but safe solution to enhance your granite countertop’s beauty, mix one part warm water and three parts baking soda to bring back the stone’s natural luster. You can also apply a very fine film of neutral cooking oil to protect the countertop and bring out its shine.