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Mistakes Everyone Makes When Decorating Their Studio Apartment
Not Dividing Up Space
Since a studio apartment is essentially a single space, it can be easy to treat it as one when decorating. However, creating distinct areas in your studio apartment is one of the best ways to make your space feel more like home. It can facilitate functionality and reduce the sense of feeling cramped.
Furniture Size
Your furniture-to-living-space ratio is a big deal, as pieces that are too big or small can create cramped, uncomfortable conditions. The size of your furniture doesn't matter as much as the proportion, so choose furniture pieces based on how well they complement each other and fit into the room's layout.
Wrong Accents
Too many accessories and decorative accents crammed into a small studio apartment can make it look cluttered, but not utilizing enough can also empty the room. The secret is choosing accent pieces that give the illusion of larger spaces like taller, oversized works of art and mirrors.
Texture, Shape, Color
Small doesn't have to mean simple, and limited space does not signify that super stylish and modern furniture pieces are out of reach. In fact, choosing fun pieces that incorporate texture and detail can help liven your studio apartment and bring the space to life.