Freesatnding rolltop bath in home of fabric designer Richard Smith in East Sussex
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Mistakes Everyone Makes When Renovating A Bathroom
If you're planning a total renovation, consider your old bathroom's layout and what worked and didn't work. You should focus on the function of the room to prevent clutter and improper spacing and promote comfort over luxury.
Instead of focusing solely on aesthetics, consider how much storage space you'll need to make the bathroom functional. Think about where you'll store your beauty products, toilet paper, towels, cleaning supplies, and more.
It's very easy to go overboard on your renovation, so make sure you stick to your set budget. Consider hiring an experienced contractor who can ensure everything you choose keeps you under budget, and it's a good idea to set aside money for any unforeseen issues.
Bathrooms are often moist environments, so if you don't have a good ventilation system, excess moisture can lead to mold and mildew. Ventilation should draw moist air out of the bathroom, so be sure the vent leads to the exterior of the home.
No one enjoys a dark bathroom, so before you remodel, light the room in layers so you can add and take away lighting as needed. It's also essential to consider the National Electric Code which delineates how far away light fixtures should be from a bathtub.