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Mistakes Everyone Makes With Their Microwaves
Many people complain that their microwave doesn’t heat up food properly, but this a problem with the power setting, not the wattage. Most people simply place the food in the microwave and hit start, but you should really opt for a lower setting before doing so, or the bowl and top of the food will get hot while the inside stays cold.
While radiation is not the concern many think it is, there is still room for error when it comes to microwaves and food safety. A lot of people simply warm the food up in the container it’s in, but plastic and styrofoam can release toxic chemicals, so you should always use a ceramic or glass dish instead.
Microwaves can also get dirty, which is both a health issue and a functionality issue, as the microwave will try to cook leftover food scraps along with your meal. To prevent this, always clean up spills immediately, and deep clean every now and then by microwaving lemon slices in a bowl of water and using a towel to clean up any leftover residue.