Toilet being worked on with plumbing tools on its closed lid
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Mistakes To Avoid Making When Installing A New Toilet In Your Home
Ignoring Regulations
Review your area’s building codes and regulations before starting your project to avoid paying hefty fines or having to rip out your work and start over.
Also, check the set-out (distance from the wall to the toilet drain’s center) to ensure your new toilet fits. If it doesn’t, you’ll have to buy another one or remodel
the space.
Skipping The Wax Ring
Always check the wax ring to make sure its water-tight seal is intact. If not, water will slowly leak, causing mold and damage, and sewer gases will seep out.
Not Planning Space
Leave 15 inches between your toilet’s center and the nearest fixture, and at least 24 inches in front of it to prevent cramped, impractical bathroom designs.
Keeping The Old Line
The supply line must be upgraded before a toilet installation to fit the new specs, pressure, and water flow for maximum water usage and cost efficiency.
Choose a durable, high-quality line, like those made from soft copper, and ensure it’s installed the correct distance from the shut-off valve so it doesn’t become bent or stressed.
Overtightening Bolts
Use a wrench to tighten your bolts slowly without putting too much pressure on them. Overtightening causes cracks, which can lead to structural problems.