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Myths You Should Stop Believing About Moving
Only One Day To Move
The pressure of moving in one day can cause a lot of stress, and folks who want to move all their belongings into their new space in a day most likely have extra hands helping out. When you move in, place packed boxes in rooms the items will occupy and take a few days to unpack a couple of rooms at a time.
Free Boxes
While it's nice not to have to pay for boxes, it's better to pay for them to be in excellent condition, as new boxes are sturdy with sharp corners, so stacking them will be easier and they won't topple over or get crushed underneath all the boxes. Depending on the size, boxes can cost anywhere between $1 to $12 each.
Not Labeling Boxes
Be sure to label your boxes with a dark marker, listing the items inside or marking them depending on the category they pertain to. It's crucial to label boxes that have delicate items to prevent anything from breaking and to help movers be cautious when they carry the boxes around the house, and be sure to label every side of the box.
Friday Is Ideal
While moving into a new place on a Friday sounds like a good idea, moving companies can spike their prices on the weekends as it is their peak moving time. Moving during the week can save you money, and as the streets are emptier, you'll have more space and time for the rental truck to stay parked in the street or driveway.
Something Will Break
Expecting something to break when you unpack shows the packing wasn't done well in the first place. Choosing the right-sized boxes can help fit everything, and avoid leaving open gaps in the box while ensuring they don't get crammed. Bubble wrap delicate décors to keep them in good condition or try layering moving blankets for extra protection.