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Nate Berkus Introduced An Interesting Way He Keeps His Home Fresh
Interior designer, author, and TV star Nate Berkus has plenty of accomplishments under his belt. He also has ventured into business with numerous product lines including a fabric collection with Kravet, a bed and bath collection for Target, and a furniture line with Living Spaces, so he knows how to keep a home fresh.
Berkus prefers to keep his home fresh in unique and cost-effective ways. He says to look at everything within your home (furniture, decor, and other items) and then, combine or rearrange these items in a different way than before — he refers to this as “Moving Day.”
For example, you can take the dining room sideboard and transition it into a console table for your TV, thus creating storage underneath the TV for items like DVDs or books. Berkus’ goal is to use what you already have and transform your space without wasting any materials or having to spend more money.