Person holding a snake.
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Natural Products That Will Have Snakes Slithering Out Of Your Yard
To utilize mint as a snake repellent, position mint plants along the borders of your gardens or flower beds. Alternatively, scatter dried mint leaves throughout your garden.
Mint’s strong scent is the main reason snakes avoid it. Snakes use their sense of smell to find prey and move about, and mint’s potent smell repels and confuses them.
Cinnamon & Clove
Snakes are also repelled by the scent of cinnamon and clove. To use them, mix a cup of water with ¼ cup of cinnamon oil and ¼ cup of clove oil in a spray bottle.
Concentrate on spraying around the garden’s perimeter, paying close attention to dense foliage, rocks, or garden shed. Reapply this mixture after each rain or watering session.
Lemongrass has a strong citrus smell and sharp edges that are difficult for snakes to slither on. To repel snakes, plant lemongrass along the edges of your garden.
Space each plant 24 inches apart to give them room to grow. For those that live in growing zones eight and lower, plant it in containers and move them indoors during the winter.
To deter snakes using crushed salt, sprinkle a line of rock or Epsom salt around your garden’s perimeter, paying extra attention to entry points and dense vegetation.
Crushed salt offers a coarse texture that snakes will avoid slithering over. Reapply the salt barrier every other week while keeping it away from plant roots to prevent damage.
Utilize garlic as a potent snake deterrent by planting garlic plants or spreading crushed garlic cloves in your garden, focusing on areas where snakes are likely to appear.
The strong odor of garlic disrupts snakes’ sensory perception, making it difficult for them to navigate effectively, while routine application ensures continuous protection.