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Naturally Enrich Your Soil With These Garden Must-Haves
Sunflowers are a helpful cover crop because their deep tap root improves soil by reducing compaction and absorbing harmful metals, including lead, arsenic, and zinc.
Bachelor Buttons
Also known as cornflowers, this spring-blooming annual is an easy-to-grow cover crop that produces plentiful leaf material that enriches soil when it breaks down.
The chemical responsible for the strong scent marigolds exude that deters harmful insects is also released into the soil to ward off harmful parasitic nematodes.
This herb-like annual’s deep tap root loosens compacted soil, improving drainage, aeration, and nutrient movement. Its roots also add organic matter when they break down.
Daikon Radish
These aerate and loosen soil as they grow downwards, improving earthworm and microbial activity and soil health and texture, and adding nitrogen when they decompose.