Close-up of yellow jacket wasp on leaf
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Naturally Repel Wasps By Attracting This Type Of Bird To Your Yard
While wasps and yellow jackets are useful as pollinators and predators, they’re a summer nuisance that would be better served as a tasty treat for the insectivorous tanager bird.
Summer tanagers are especially helpful for wasp control — even eating wasp larvae and pupae. Unfortunately, they also eat beneficial insects, like bees, dragonflies, and spiders.
As tanagers are migratory birds, attract them in spring so they stay through summer and fall. They like perches to survey their surroundings and are picky about where to nest.
Scarlet and summer tanagers prefer dense woodland areas, so provide a variety of plants and perches. Western tanagers like to rest and nest in evergreen trees like pines and firs.
While tanagers eat mostly insects, they often nibble on fruits and berries during breeding season. They also eat the caterpillars that are attracted to cherry and plum trees.
Summer tanagers love blackberries, whortleberries, serviceberries, citrus, and bananas. If your garden doesn’t have much fruit or berries, put out sliced oranges on your feeder.