Young woman cleaning wooden floor.
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Never Use These Items On Your Hardwood To Give Them
A Long Life
Never Soak With A Mop
Experts strongly recommend against using water on hardwood floors because no hardwood floor, even if treated with a protective finish, is completely waterproof.
Water can cause the wood to permanently warp, discolor and dull the floor’s finish as well as lead to blackened, stained, and moldy flooring. It may even ruin them completely.
Steam Mops Are Also A No-Go
Avoid thinking that a steam mop is a quick-fix solution. Even moisture triggered by a steam mop could work its way between the joints and warp the wood.
Treat Vinegar As The Enemy
Vinegar’s acidic content will break down the protective finish on your hardwood floors and leave it dull and defenseless. Your wood will then need to be resanded and resealed.
Go Easy On The Lemons
A little lemon juice can be used for cleaning hardwood floors, but make sure you use an extremely diluted concentration and rinse and dry the wood once finished.
The Wrong Sort of Vacuum Cleaner
Upright vacuum cleaners are a no-go because most come with a beater brush covered in coarse bristles and wheels that will scuff and scrape up your floor.