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New Lawn Mower Sales Are Best During This Time Of Year
Lawnmower sales are best in the early spring, just before the growing season takes off, or in autumn when the growing season is coming to an end. Here’s why.
At the end of the growing season, retailers are looking to unload their existing inventory of lawnmowers in favor of winter machines like snow blowers.
Store owners also want to sell older machines so they can order new mowers for the spring. With the retailer motivated to sell, the price should be low, and there are many deals.
There are also many lawnmower sales before the growing season in early spring, as stores are loaded with a large variety of the newest models.
Getting a sale, however, is more of a hit-or-miss than in the autumn. Big box hardware stores may use discounts on certain lawnmowers to try to draw you into the store.