Man reading the newspaper while watering his lawn
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Is The Unexpected Item Your Garden Needs To Thrive
Nothing spoils a garden more than stubborn weeds. Even if you are diligent about removing them, keeping up with constant weeds can be a tiring battle.
The best thing to use is newspaper to help eliminate weeds from growing and taking over your garden. The paper will choke out sunlight so the weeds won’t be able to grow.
It’s an eco-friendly, cost-effective way to help your garden thrive. Unlike weed sprays, newspapers won’t release any chemicals, and therefore, are safe for pets and children.
Ready your garden for this newspaper hack by pulling out any large weeds. This method will work best on small weeds and weed seeds, since they will be easier to choke out.
Once the area is ready, deeply water the ground and lay the newspaper down. If you’re laying paper around plants, cut the paper to size and leave a 2-inch gap around the plant.
When you're done covering the area, water the paper so it becomes weighted down. To add another protective layer, top off the paper with mulch to keep it firmly over the weeds.
Newspaper acts much like mulch, regulating the ground's temperature and locking in moisture. It will also begin to break down after a few days to provide some added nutrients.