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Next Time You Lose A Screw On The Floor, Try These Tricks
It can be hard to find a screw that you've dropped on the floor during a DIY project, and it can be painful to step on them, so try these tricks to hunt down these tiny items.
Try setting a flashlight on the floor sideways, then slowly rotate it to shine the light all over the room, watching for the shape of the screw on the shadows on the wall.
You can also make a magnetic broom to pick up small metal items. Attach a broom handle to a piece of 2 X 4 wood at a 45-degree angle, then cut magnetic strips to the same length.
Apply the strips to the side of the wood with adhesive or strong glue and clamp it down until completely dry. Then, run it across the floor so lost metal objects will stick to it.
If you drop multiple screws, place a magnet inside a sandwich bag and rub it along the ground to attract the screws. Then, turn the bag inside out to collect the screws.