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Old Design Trends HGTV's Jenn Todryk Says Are Getting A Refresh
It's no secret that design trends go in and out of style all the time. Jenn Todryk from HGTV's "No Demo Reno" has noticed a few older trends popping up in contemporary homes.
Todryk notes that open floor plans are less popular, and separation between rooms is coming back. "People are embracing the small little rooms; [it's] more charming," she says.
Many homeowners are modernizing separated spaces with unique interior designs, such as vibrant colors, bolder wallpaper, and architectural furniture.
Arches have also come back in vogue because of the way they draw the eyes upwards. Modern arched details include cutouts in walls to create built-in shelves and arched windows.
When it comes to smaller details, Todryk notes that dark wood stains, which feel more traditional, are gaining popularity when neutral gray and lighter stains have reigned supreme.
Details like stacked molding are also more on-trend, and many homeowners are using paint to make this traditional detail feel
more contemporary.