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Once-Trendy Design Choices Christina Hall Says To Leave In The Past
In: Vintage Decor
Vintage is still "in" but should be used sparingly to avoid aging your home. Try completing a look using subtle details like a vintage sign for the kitchen.
Inject subtle charm and intrigue into your living room using vintage chairs, a lamp, or a chandelier. These will add character to the room without making it old-fashioned.
Out: Statement Colors
Hall believes your space doesn’t have to seem lifeless just because you're not using bold colors. Use deeper, softer shades to bring color without being too loud.
In: All-White Kitchens
According to Hall, this look will always be in style. Versatile and serving as the perfect backdrop for counters and cabinets, all-white suits any house.
In: Open Concept
Popular for the past two decades, Hall is still a fan of open-concept floor plans that brighten up a home while enabling families to spend more time together.
If your family needs more privacy, try using partial walls or shelves as a barrier between spaces. Tie in design elements across rooms to give the area a more cohesive feel.
Out: Dark Cabinets
Once lauded for its elegant look, dark wood makes spaces dark and uninviting. Use light wood instead to brighten up your rooms and make them seem larger.