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One Aluminum Foil Mistake Could Actually Break Your Oven
Although it seems harmless, lining the bottom of your oven with aluminum foil can result in significant problems, some of which might permanently harm your cherished kitchen item.
Ovens have sensitive heat distribution systems that ensure they cook food uniformly. Lining the bottom with foil can interfere with the oven's ability to distribute heat evenly.
The foil acts as a barrier, blocking the heat and reflecting it onto the oven. The concentrated heat damages the oven's heating elements or interior lining and creates hot spots.
When you adjust the aluminum foil at the bottom of your oven, it comes into contact with the oven's hard, glossy enamel coating, potentially leading to unsightly scratching.
Scratches can compromise the functionality of your oven, and scratches on the enamel can become points of weakness where further damage could occur.
The aluminum foil's potential to melt when in contact with intensely hot parts in the oven can also cause the foil to adhere to the oven's surfaces or other elements.