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One Beauty Product Is Perfect For Repairing Drywall
You can easily repair holes in your drywall up to the size of a quarter with the help of one unexpected beauty tool — a simple cosmetic makeup sponge.
Cosmetic makeup sponges are an effective way to repair and restore walls. The ability to modify their size to match the specific imperfection makes them very practical.
Assess the size of the
hole and proceed to cut
the sponge into pieces somewhat larger than the hole. This ensures that when you apply the sponge, it adequately plugs the gap.
Once the cosmetic sponge is cut to the desired size, simply insert it into the hole snugly. Once in place, spackle the drywall, covering the sponge and surrounding area.
To minimize the need for excessive sanding, carefully glide the putty knife at an angle to remove any excess spackle and wipe the surrounding area clean.
Allow the spackle to dry completely, then sand the surface until it is smooth and wipe away any residual dust. Apply a fresh coat of paint to finish the drywall repair.