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One Clever Grocery Bag Hack Makes Paint Cleanup A Breeze
This simple grocery bag tip can save you time, effort, and frustration during your painting pursuit — and when you're done, just gather it up, tie a knot, and toss it away.
To start, get a paint tray, a plastic bag, and some painter’s tape. Flip the shopping bag inside out, as this will keep outside dye or ink on the bag from blending with your paint.
Next, insert the paint tray into the bag and tie the plastic handles together to keep the tray securely inside. Use a strip of tape to affix the opening of the bag to the tin.
After confirming the roller tray is fully covered, pour your paint onto the tray. Once you’re finished painting, carefully transfer any leftover lacquer back into the can.
Remove the tape and cautiously peel off the plastic bag from the tray, reversing it so that the paint is on the inside of the sack. Once done, tie and dispose of the plastic bag.