Hands of man in yellow gloves cleaning a toilet bowl.
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One Garage Staple Will Make Your Toilet Sparkle Like New
It turns out that car wax can make your towel bowl so shiny and polished that nothing will stick to it.
For it to last up to six
months, follow the steps
on how to do it right.
The first thing to do is clean the toilet. You'll also need the toilet completely dry before applying the wax, so start by shutting off the water supply.  
Then flush and hold the handle down while pouring a bucket of water down the toilet to flush everything completely through. Take
a cotton rag and dry everything inside and out.
Have ample air circulation and apply the wax. Once applied, wait about 10 minutes before buffing the wax, and then refill the bowl with water.
In about 90 days, pour half a cup of white vinegar into the bowl. This will help prevent water rings from forming where the level sits and allow the wax to keep doing its job.