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One Home Upgrade That Looks Cheap According To Property Brothers
"Property Brothers" Drew and Jonathan Scott are back for season 4 of HGTV's "Celebrity IOU," and they are prepared to renovate the home of Tiffany Haddish's best friend in Carson, California. Drew and Jonathan reveal their best tips and tricks for this new home upgrade, including getting rid of some features that can look cheap.
In the episode "Tiffany Returns the Love," the "Property Brothers" stars go for a more luxurious look, using clean, simple designs and focusing on implementing lavish materials. For the kitchen, the brothers added an island, moved the sink, and removed a window to make space for new cabinets.
Drew and Jonathan love natural lighting, so for the flooring, they moved away from its cheap overlay to spruce it up with light hardwood. The stone fireplace felt outdated, and Johnathan replaced it with a simple smooth stone while adding a double vanity in the spa-like bathroom, giving Haddish's BFF exactly what she was looking for.