"Elegant home interior white hallway with archway, custom detailing and moulding and hardwood flooring."
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One-Of-A-Kind Paint Molding Ideas
Neutral and Calming
For a living area that exudes tranquility, wall and trim in similar neutral colors and earth tones are the way to go. Select a wall color for your entire space and align your trim with your wall color by either opting for the same color or choosing a subtle monochromatic look.
Whether as a mark of chicness in fashion or an elegant option for your interior, black borders on a white wall bring an air of timelessness to your home with an unexpected twist. More practically, dark paint is a great way to mask any imperfections on the boards.
Elegant Monochrome
When picking a bold color for your space, an accent wall is a great starter option, but you can also choose a vibrant color like a jewel-toned teal for an entire space, and echo that shade in the trim for a posh, interrupted look. Alternatively, create a cohesive vibe with multiple shades of the same hue.
Color Contrast
Mixing up the shades that you use for various trim pieces allows you to make unique elements like detailed window molding stand out from the other trim work. For example, your doorway molding can offer a pop of bold color while the rest of your base trim is cream or white.
Natural Wood
Natural wood trim oozes character, and for an airy space in a neutral tone like beige or creamy, dark and dramatic wood trim can provide contrast while still keeping a modern look. If your room features colorful walls, look for wood with undertones that complement the color.