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One Pool Noodle Hack Really Does Make Instagram-Worthy Curtain Pleats
If your window curtains look lackluster, try this curtain-hanging hack that requires pool noodles and a few tools. It will help fluff out the fabric and make it appear fuller.
For this DIY project, you’ll need a pool noodle, a serrated knife (or an X-Acto knife or scissors), a cutting board, and a step stool or ladder.
Start by looking at the spaces between your curtain grommets, which will determine the amount of pool noodle pieces you’ll need. Cut your pool noodle to fit in those spaces.
To do so, put the pool noodle on a cutting board and cut it with a serrated knife, adding a slit so it can attach to the curtain rod. You may have to trim it to get a perfect fit.
Once cut, take your pool noodle pieces and attach them to the curtain rod in the spaces between the grommets. The whole process should only take about 10 minutes.
This hack does make a difference, albeit a subtle one. As long as your curtains aren’t made from a sheer material, the pool noodle shouldn’t show through the fabric.
There is one negative side effect: you can see the pool noodle when facing the curtain at certain angles, like off to the left and right sides.