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One Trendy Two-Tone Wall Color Is The Perfect Alternative
To Green
Green has grown popular in recent years for walls and cabinets, leading the color to become overused. Color specialist Tash Bradley has an idea of what will be the next big color.
"People want something a bit different and more unique, which is why this year rich teals are going to make a huge comeback," Bradley explains to Better Homes & Gardens.
"I'm seeing more and more people wanting that combination of blue and green," shares Bradley. What's great about teal is that it also has some color-changing abilities.
"[I]n the natural morning light, it looks a lot more green, then in the evening, under artificial light and with warm lamps, it goes really dark, moody, atmospheric," says Bradley.
Greens and blues are often treated like neutrals because they so easily pair with other colors, and since teal is a combination of blue and green, many shades can complement it.