Joanna Gaines attends the Build Series to discuss the new book "Capital Gaines: Smart Things I Learned Doing Stupid Stuff" at Build Studio on October 18, 2017 in New York City.  (Photo by Daniel Zuchnik/WireImage)
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Open Up A Small Kitchen With HGTV's Joanna Gaines' Tip
Designer and HGTV star Joanna Gaines has created some great ways to make small kitchens feel more spacious. One approach Gaines has taken is to get rid of upper cabinets.
On Season 3, Episode 1 of “Fixer Upper,” Gaines opted to forgo shelving on the upper level of a kitchen and added a hutch and a small cabinet to make up for any lost storage.
Getting rid of upper cabinets can make a space instantly feel more open and airy. If you have storage concerns, make this idea work for you by rethinking your storage options.
Incorporate more storage in your lower cabinets by adding drawers and additional shelving. Add floating shelves or a ledge to the upper walls, keeping them open to avoid clutter.
Hanging racks from the ceiling for wine glasses, adding more storage to a kitchen island, and building recessed shelving are great ways to add storage without sacrificing style.
Use the now-empty blank space to create a unique kitchen filled with art, or opt to keep the space bright and clutter-free, adding tiles up to the ceiling if you want some texture.