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Open Up Your Narrow Hallway With This Must-Try Paint Color Trick
Small, narrow hallways can seem more difficult to decorate, but there’s a simple painting method that can lighten up your narrow hallway and make it feel wider.
Betsy Smith, color consultant at Graphenston, shared with House & Garden that her go-to trick is to "unify the space, keeping walls and doors to the same pale neutral or white.”
Smith then goes on to say that the second part of the method is to “carefully position [a] pop of colour […] Cool colours recede, adding depth […] while warm hues will jump forward.”
Begin with your neutral base, whether a cool white or warm beige, and choose a pop of color to match. Utilize the color in an area that is instantly visible, like the end of your hallway.
Accentuate any light in your hallway, like a window, by using a dark color of paint where the light shines, which will work in harmony with your narrow hallway.
Other painting tricks include painting your baseboards and molding in a light, neutral color, and painting the ceiling white to open up the space.