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Optimize Your Cleaning Routine With The Smart 'S' Patterns
In a YouTube cleaning hack shared by Clean My Space, it's explained that the "S" pattern wins out over circular motions when removing dirt, grease, and grime from home surfaces.
According to Clean My Space, cleaning in small, circular movements only moves dust, dirt, and bacteria from one spot to the next and may result in streaks when you wipe surfaces.
Clean your home in less time using the "S" pattern. Move from the top right of your surface down to the bottom left to remove gunk and grime while leaving a streak-free finish.
In an article from the Daily Mail, two former NHS doctors suggest using this pattern to prevent wiping bacteria around surfaces you want to sanitize such as counters and windows.
Circular patterns simply move germs around, pushing them right back where they came from, while an "S" pattern moves surface bacteria from top to bottom, removing it as you wipe.
Couple this routine with a good DIY natural cleaning solution for a showroom-worthy space. Use vinegar, a versatile cleaning tool for removing germs, cleaning windows, and more.