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Organize Your Crafting Supplies With This Plastic Container DIY
If you love crafts but wish you could organize your supplies better, then this nifty DIY organizer using empty plastic fruit containers from the grocery store is perfect for you.
On the TikTok channel @NewLifestyleAbb, Alyssa Barber shows how these containers with drainage holes can organize and dispense ribbons, or even string, thread, yarn, and more.
Set the rolls of ribbon vertically in the container so that each one unrolls from the bottom rather than the top. Now, pull the end of each ribbon through its own drainage hole.
The snap closures on the clamshell lid secure the rolls, making it a perfect ready-made dispensing system, and the clear sides allow you to find what you need in no time.
For thinner thread or small balls of yarn, use a small container so the spools don’t roll around. Pull the threads through the holes and tape them to the container to secure them.
Barber also shares how this works as a dog-waste bag dispenser. Line up the rolls vertically, push the ends through the holes, and enjoy a convenient way to store and use the bags.