Large empty kitchen with quartzite stone island
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Our Expert Explains The Best Countertop Material For A Large Kitchen
In an exclusive interview with HouseDigest, general contractor, interior designer, and real estate developer Jason Pietruszka advised on the best material for counters.
Between family dinners and weekend hosting, kitchens see a lot of action, making durable materials key for counters. According to Piertruszka, quartz is the perfect choice.
Slabs are made by crushing quartz crystals with resins and pigments. The resin fills any holes that naturally occur, making the countertop resistant to staining.
Durability isn’t its only perk. Pietruszka favors quartz for its various colors, patterns, and easily matchable veins that help create a seamless design across long countertops.
Some slabs mimic marble patterns, making them a great alternative to the porous material. While cracks are difficult to repair, quartz will last for years with proper maintenance.
If you’re looking for a quartz alternative, Pietruszka recommends natural stone or quartzite, a mix of quartz and marble. For backsplashes, he suggests using porcelain.