Colorful tulips blooming in pots on a patio
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Our Expert Explains Whether It's Worth Planting Tulips In The Spring
It’s spring, and you just realized that you forgot to plant your tulip bulbs in the fall. Don’t panic — according to our professional gardener, they still might be able to grow.
Tulips must spend a certain amount of time in the cold to germinate in the spring, so if your bulbs still feel solid and were kept in a cold place, you can try planting them.
Later-blooming varieties like Darwin Hybrids may fare better when planted late. If they don’t blossom the first time, wait a year to see if they regenerate after proper incubation.
You can also wait to plant your bulbs until the fall, but if they're not perennial tulips, they may not bloom. If you’re in a warmer zone, you can try forcing the bulbs indoors.