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Our Expert Painter Explains The Best Closet Paint Colors
For painting your closet, expert Andre Kazimierski, CEO of Improovy Painters Chicago, advises against anything bold and suggests keeping this space more sleek and subtle.
"I recommend painting your closet exterior to match the rest of your room because this is the most cohesive design choice," Kazimierski told House Digest in an exclusive interview.
He said, "Closets aren't typically a focal point in a room, so painting them a different color will draw unnecessary attention to them." They will appear more awkward than chic.
"As for the interior, I suggest pure white or a light neutral such as beige or light gray [...] making it easier to see the contents of your closet clearly," noted Kazimierski.
White beige, ivory, and soft tan are also good interior options, while black, red, blue, or green are super bright or dark, possibly making the closet feel small and overwhelming.