Bathroom with pebbled floor and dated fixtures
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Our Expert Says This Countertop Material Is Dating Your Bathroom
If you're looking around your bathroom and can't put your finger on exactly what's preventing it from looking fresh, look no further than your countertops.
Brad Smith, interior designer and creative director for Omni Home Ideas, tells House Digest, "[H]eavily patterned or dark granite countertops tend to date a bathroom's aesthetic."
Not only have other stones grown in popularity, but also color trends overall have moved from darker to lighter shades, which affects countertops as well.
"For readers looking to update their countertops on a budget, options like peel-and-stick vinyl or refinishing with countertop paint kits can be effective," Smith suggests.
Peel-and-stick vinyl is great for both renters and beginner DIYers since it can instantly give your counter a new appearance with options that look similar to marble and terrazzo.
For main bathrooms, countertop paint kits may be a more durable option. However, these kits require more skill to use, as well as prepping and priming before using them.
If you want to replace your counters, Smith recommends quartz since "[i]t's durable, low maintenance, and comes in a variety of styles." Quartz is also water and scratch resistant.