A person laying laminate flooring plank
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Our Tips For Fixing Common Laminate Flooring Issues
Use Duct Tape
Small gaps can appear between the laminate planks due to a change in temperature. To fix them, stick a piece of duct tape long-ways across the plank you're moving.
Without tearing off the piece, keep the roll toward the direction you want to move the plank. Now, simply pull the roll up and kick the spot where the tape bends up from the floor.
Use Wooden Board
Vacuum the gap you aim to close up and take a roll of large double-sided tape. Lay one or two pieces of the tape the long way across the plank you wish to move.
Press the wooden board firmly onto the tape, pressing it down with your hands. Then, use a hammer to move the board along to close the gap and repeat the process with other planks.
Use Baby Powder
If your laminate floor is squeaking but isn't causing warping or cracking, fix it easily by filling the grooves around the squeaky boards evenly with baby powder.
Wipe away any powder that isn't settled in the crack. If the boards are rubbing together to cause the squeak, this hack will stop the friction just enough to keep things quiet.
Wood Stain Pens
For superficial scratches on laminate flooring, use wood stain pens — which come in brown, gray, and black shades — as a quick fix for an easy cosmetic touch-up.
Clean the area to ensure there isn't any dirt or debris in the scratch. Next, color over the scratch with the pen, carefully following the grain of the wood.
Minimal Sawing
Moisture beneath the planks can cause them to bubble. To fix this, pry up the planks one by one using a chisel and a pry bar and slide the replacement planks in.
Make sure to slide in the planks at an angle for a snug fit. When sliding in the last board, remove the locking system from one side using a saw so it clicks in easily.