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OxiClean Vs Shout: Which Product Is Best For Tackling Tough Stains?
A stain remover on hand is essential as laundry detergent doesn't always remove tough spots. We evaluated OxiClean and Shout, the best-known brands, to see which performs better.
OxiClean is a bleach that uses oxygen and other stain-fighting ingredients to break down and lift stubborn marks from clothes. Shout uses enzymes and surfactants to remove stains.
We researched the types of stains each product targets, assessed how each product performed, and determined which brand customers preferred based on reviews.
Over 2,000 Target customers rated the OxiClean Max Force Spray at 4.6 stars out of 5, claiming it works fast and efficiently on tough stains without scrubbing.
Shout's Triple-Acting Spray received 4.7 stars from over 1,000 Target customers, with comments that it removes stains but has to sit for hours and needs multiple applications.
YouTuber @ALittleSaabiish tested OxiClean, Shout, and Resolve with fresh pasta sauce stains on white towels. She found that OxiClean outperformed the other stain removers.
Overall, we found that while OxiClean and Shout are effective stain removers, online users of both suggest OxiClean is better at dealing with tough stains.