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Paint Colors
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Perfect Fixer
Upper-Inspired Look
Whites And Creams
Whites and creams are a favorite paint color of "Fixer-Upper" star Joanna Gaines as these neutral tones open up your space and ensure a room never feels dated. It’s also incredibly easy to bring a pop of color into a white-painted room with wall decor.
Pale Grays
Opting for pale gray paint makes a room feel warmer and works well with black or bronze accents. Neutral gray serves as an excellent complement to framed art while cool grays look great in natural lighting, brightening a space.
Dark Grays
"Fixer Upper" fans know the classic smokey gray shades too well, and dark grays look great with neutral tones like white or cream. Too many shades of gray in a single space can leave the room looking washed out, so it’s best to pair dark gray paint with neutral tones to add dimension.
Moody Greens
When Gaines was designing her Magnolia Press Coffee store, she combined two shades of green to create the earthy color on her coffee shop walls. This moody green is a great paint choice for revamping old rooms and will soon be part of her Magnolia Home collection.
Beiges And Greiges
Greige combines gray and beige tones that can appear as either color, depending upon the light source. As a result, walls painted greige can be both warm and cool-toned, but the overall neutral shade makes it a great color choice to add versatility to a design.