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Paint Trends Pinterest Is Sick Of & What To
Do Instead
A range of paint finishes exist nowadays to suit every decor preference. In 2024, Pinterest recommends leaving behind textureless finishes in favor of limewash or murals.
Limewash is created from a mix of limestone and water to create a textured and unique finish. It is bought and applied just like regular paint, or you can DIY a mixture yourself.
Its slightly cloudy look lends a dreamy, relaxing, and calming vibe that is perfect for bedrooms and living rooms. Pair it with linens and neutrals to create a rustic decor style.
Murals are another upcoming trend, as they use dynamic shapes and textured art to express personality or emphasize the vibe of a room. Create your own or buy a pre-made one online.
If you're renting and can’t paint directly on the wall, you can mimic the mural look by using wall-safe adhesives to hang artwork or photo collages without risking your deposit.