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Painting Tips The Property Brothers Swear By
In an interview with Today, the Property Brothers shared that keeping aluminum foil on hand is always a good idea, and using painter's tape to align walls and baseboards is helpful to keep the paint where it needs to be. However, when it comes to other items such as doorknobs, it's not exactly easy to protect them.
The duo recommends applying a sheet of foil around the knob to keep it protected when painting, and aluminum foil can help with the painter's tray as well. Placing a sheet of foil on the tray before pouring in the paint allows for easier clean up, as the paint dries on the foil instead of the tray.
Wrapping the brushes in foil, sealing them at the ends, and placing them in the freezer in between every use keeps the brushes fresh. Lastly, be mindful of where you allow the paintbrush to drip. The brothers recommend putting a rubber band around the can longways and wiping off excess paint with it.