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Painting Vs. Staining A Deck: Which Is The Better Option?
There are many factors that go into choosing what kind of deck you want, and that includes either painting or staining your deck. It’s also important to note that many environmental factors, like harsh snow, ice, and the sun’s UV RAYS all impact the longevity and durability of a deck.
Deck stains are cheaper since they cost around $20 to $35, whereas paint costs $30 to $40, and that’s not including the additional primer and wood preservatives. Stains are convenient as they include primer and wood preservatives, and you won’t need to buy any paint brushes or rollers.
Stain helps seal the wood which prevents rotting, and since it seeps into cracks, it enhances the natural beauty of the wood while paint conceals it. If you have an older deck, paint would be a better option since it dries opaque and conceals cracks and wood grains.
Paint lasts over ten years, whereas a stain finish will need to be refreshed every couple of years, but paint will need to be sanded off before you attempt to repaint. This will make it more difficult to change if you don’t love the outcome, and while paint lasts longer on the shelf, stains are less labor-intensive.